TheFeNiks New Fair App

We are building a completely decentralized, user-oriented, new social platform. We will use the power we get from the community for the community again.

How To Buy

Get Wallet

You must have a wallet that you can use on the Ethereum network.

Connect To Smart Chain

Connect to the Smart Chain network with the wallet you have used.

Buy the BNB

You can buy bnb cryptocurrency from many different exchanges and withdraw it to your wallet address.

Buy The TFKs Token

You can easily make the purchase using the calculation table below.

Calculate Table

Calculate and Buy Table

Total BNB:
Total TFKs:

TheFeNiks Tokenomics

Total Supply


Token Economy

TheFeNiks RoadMap

  • April 2021
    Idea Phase

    Preparations and development of the idea.

  • July 2021
    Sale Time

    We are starting a sales process that will take a total of 5 months.

  • August 2021
    Build Time

    We are starting to work on a decentralized fair social platform.

  • December 2021
    Launch of the Platform

    User acceptance to TheFeniks platform, advertising agreements and more...