Who are we?

We are a team that believes in the power of the community, away from identities and adjectives, burning with the desire to change something. We are a community of people who have always offered the best service in their field, never received a reward, who have problems with this system and believe that they can change.

Why TheFeNiks?

We are creatures that burn every time, just like a forest, and re-grow with hope. As long as there is hope, we will be reborn from our ashes. Like a Feniks.

Why are we here?

In order to fully understand this subject, it is necessary to open 3 topics.

1. The Importance of Internet Advertising and Its Value in the Industry

What is Advertising?

It is a marketing strategy that includes many more purposes such as persuading individuals or societies on any idea or product, giving information or attracting attention, and has very comprehensive application methods.

The Impact of the Internet on Advertising

We have a constantly changing and developing environment. People, nature, economic and socio-cultural values ​​are all subject to change, either forced or indirectly. Over time, these changes create new norms and normals. The Internet is perhaps at the forefront of changes and developments in the world. Many methods applied with the birth of the Internet have changed over time. As he revises the world, there are many changes on himself all the time. For all these reasons, after the invention of the internet, most of the existing advertising methods were either shelved or forced to undergo many revisions. In fact, in today's century, there are serious determinations and studies that the advertising industry will be carried out entirely on the internet. According to a study conducted in the United States, 6-month internet advertising revenue has reached 54 billion dollars.

2. Share of Social Platforms in Internet Advertising

As it is known, Alphabet is the most established company operating on internet advertising. This company includes many powerful platforms such as Youtube, including Google. And according to the 2020 annual reports of Alphabet company, its total turnover is 182.5 billion dollars for 2020. And the statements made are that its net profit for 2020 is 62.7 billion dollars. Nearly 98% of the internet advertising industry is shared among such large companies.

3. The Importance of Community on the Advertising Industry

In its simple form, the most basic goal of all kinds of advertising activities is to reach the most people. For this purpose, the environments where advertising activities are broadcast are the places with the highest human traffic. In other words, the community is the most important goal and purpose of advertising. It is the community itself that interacts or creates content so that this traffic can occur. Some of the major platforms operating in this industry reward community members who create content in order to generate traffic.

When we evaluate the 3 titles mentioned above in general. Companies with advertising purposes plan to reach their target audience by interacting with the community traffic generated by the community. And it pays for this service only to companies that offer accommodation and technical services. The payment methods promised by these companies to the original community that created the content are generally in a situation that is far from transparency, fairness and equality of opportunity, does not offer any convenience for the audience that will create new content, and only serves the central structure.

Let's go back to our initial question.

Why are we here?

As TheFeniks Platform, we are here to build a fair, transparent and of course blockchain integrated platform against the above-mentioned unfair, centralized structures that believe in the decentralization of blockchain technology. And our whole fight is about changing this structure.


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